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What’s in the name: ‘Calgary Citizen’

📍 Calgary, AB - Calgary Citizen is officially 3-months old — I can hardly believe it! 

It’s been such a unique and rewarding experience seeing Calgary Citizen through from concept to execution. From the very start, we wanted this publication to not only be community-driven but people-driven, which is why the name ‘Calgary Citizen’ was immediately the perfect fit. Not only does it represent the humans behind this outlet, but it represents our readers who make up the foundation of our content and what we do here. 

When we launched on May 25, 2021, we were blown away by the response from the community. In our articles we were (and still are) laser-focused on always showcasing the people at the forefront of every story, whether it’s a feature or community spotlight. This is what has allowed us to stand out amongst the media landscape in the city, and to create those strong meaningful connections with Calgarians and ultimately our readers. 

Our phenomenal reporter, Krista Sylvester, has previously written for many Calgary publications and has been pivotal in our mission to garner local stories. She says the most rewarding part about writing for Calgary Citizen is the people and the reactions we get from the stories we run. 

“I love connecting with the citizens of Calgary and hearing their stories and feedback. With the community pieces, you get to know someone and what their story is; everyone has a story worth telling. I love the reaction we get from people we’ve interviewed about how excited their friends and family are to read about them. It warms my heart.”

Not to mention that the Calgary community embraced Calgary Citizen wholeheartedly! 

From the Calgary EMS to small businesses to neighbourhood associations to community leaders to local celebrities, we’ve heard from and featured so many Calgarians. It’s been both a humbling and fascinating experience to watch it bloom and discover pieces of my city I never even knew existed, while shedding light on the experiences and challenges (good and bad) of the people that make up Calgary. 

A few of our top stories — so far: 

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